Love, or Else

Hi. Ya know, we have to love one another as humans, even when the other guy is being a jerk, because we are so smart–as a species.; ya see, the other species are  not so smart, for the most part–perhaps besides ravens, wolves, Orcas, Dolphins, the Great Whales…. Well, actually that’s a lot, right? The other species  don’t wage war, per se, lie to one another per se, and they don’t murder (they kill to eat). They certainly do not destroy the biosphere. So, ya see, we need love to overcome the killer instinct, the liar instinct, the fear created by our intelligence being able to figure out the stark realities of the universe that scare the reason out of us. However, it takes realism and a sense of humor to love; it takes the application of that intelligence we have, but it pays off, because you cannot get much love to foster  that intelligence, if you don’t see realistically and compassionately and love, yourself. And you,and you cannot love anyone if you don’t love all humanity–because you won’t love yourself if you don’t, and that’s the first step. So start lovin’, Homes Sapien!


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