One’s Trump Folly

Oh for shame and sadness And even for his own Will sell their lives down river Blind to his evil tome For he tells straight what he will do But the stupid aren’t scared So Americans ignorant to the truth Will be the last ones spared   Mando

Use-mention Error, God And Karma: Where Confusion Begins And Conversations End

Use-mention Error, God And Karma: Where Confusion Begins And Conversations End Good morning, friends. I want to share with you the concept Dan Dennett talks about called Use-mention Errors. He developed the idea from the statements of Donald Heb. It’s simple; can you see the differences, here?: Use-mention Errors: 1. “I believe in God.” 2.… More Use-mention Error, God And Karma: Where Confusion Begins And Conversations End

Maxim Monday

It’s Maxim Monday! I hope I have not brought this to you too late for your rumination, over lunch! Today’s Maxim comes from that scholarly and supremely well-spoken journalist of the world–the famous contrarian and champion of superlative and uncompromising morals and ethics, the late Christopher Hitchens: “The man who prays is the one who… More Maxim Monday


This is old news, but I want this on my site. Space Suits: Think White And Get Serious (Final Version, including new ideas) NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is developing new spacesuits for deep space missions to asteroids, the Mars system, and perhaps for missions to the Moon. Some of the new suits… More Spaceuits

Sam Harris Interviews Megan Phelps roper: Leaving The Church

This audio is superbly audible. it is easy to listen to. It is a very educated and sincere, but non-academic discussion and narrative of a woman who grew up in the community of the Westboro Baptist church, which built a name for itself in picketing funerals of soldiers, saying they were punished by god–not for… More Sam Harris Interviews Megan Phelps roper: Leaving The Church

Discussion Talk

Asking Yes/No Questions about Interests and Likes Are you interested in/ keen on /are you into…? Do you like/enjoy …? Do you take much interest in …? Do you have any favorite …? Have you got any favourite …? (Brit. spelling) Answering Yes/No Questions about Interests And Likes Yes, actually/ as a matter of fact… More Discussion Talk

Idioms: Don’t Beat Around The Bush

To beat around the bush means to take a long time explaining something. Synonyms would be dragging something out, and belaboring the point, as in “Don’t belabor the point.” Antonyms would be getting to the point or keeping it simple. Wonwoo: Are we still meeting, Saturday? Jane: Sure.  Is there something wrong? Wonwoo: No. Not at all. Wonwoo:… More Idioms: Don’t Beat Around The Bush

Making Plans

“Weekend” Plans It’s Friday, so here is a dialog for you to practice: Background: Melvin Udall is thefun character people love to secretly like–though he is the type of person we are thought to hate; he is a crank of a character from the hit movie “As Good As It Gets.” He is played by the… More Making Plans

Lunar Modules Are Not Like Spiders Anymore

I am officially voicing my support for asking space journalists to cease and desist from likening lunar landing craft to spiders. In the late fifties and early sixties they may have looked remotely like twisted versions of arachnids. Now, peeps, come on–they look like lunar-landers. Let’s look at why: first, it’s cultural and linguistic; lunar-landers… More Lunar Modules Are Not Like Spiders Anymore

Americans on Democracy

The greatest evidence of mass delusion, ignorance–and perhaps even simple stupidity in America (I am very sorry to say) is in the fact that the majority of the average citizens of this democratic capitalist society are not tripping over themselves, racing to demand the end of private campaign, PAC, and political party finance–which basically make… More Americans on Democracy

Violence And Religion

This was my reaction to ISIS captors saying they could rape women because ‘it pleases God.’ (There have been some additions here and there to make my points more clear, understandable, compassionate, and just.) This religion and all religions that justify, accept, or regulate prejudice, heinous and ridiculous punishments, genital mutilation, prejudicial discrimination, emotional, physical,… More Violence And Religion

Incessant Demands for Unaccepted Apologies

This is a reaction to the details of an NPR News story- Japan’s Abe Notes Regret And Past Apologies In WWII Speech at I Am Supremely Discouraged by Wise Asian Nations whose leaders continue–year after year–to fan the flames of shame and pain and do not accept, decade after decade after decade–a multitude of deeply… More Incessant Demands for Unaccepted Apologies

About “Kaaru No Eh”

“Kaaru-no-Eh” means “Carl’s Pictures” in Japanese. With this name I amuse myself, and I pay homage the Ukiyo-e print masters of seventeenth and eighteenth century Japan because of their gorgeous and original way of picture-making. In the future I will feature an article here on Ukiyo-e and perhaps a video–as well as sample images of the… More About “Kaaru No Eh”

About “Mando”

I am a Buddhist–a philosophical Buddhist, or Zennist, not a devotional one; I don’t pray to anyone or anything. It is a way of looking at things and a practice. In Buddhism, there is the concept called the Dharma, or “Dhamma, in Pali.” Think of it, for now, as The Way. ⇐ These characters, on the left, are my… More About “Mando”

Guns Do Kill People

A poster on Instagram defended guns with a double-image picture of a woman being abused in its first frame, and in the second, that same woman is defending herself with a pistol. The caption read “This prevents this.” I commented that the scenario depicted in the second image causes the scenario in the first, remarking that it is a… More Guns Do Kill People

Things I Said Today: Dualism And Homophobia

This is from a discussion on Instagram: It’s weird to ‘Down with Big Brother’ because he looks at the situation as he suggested: biologically. It is weird that a being has the anatomy necessary for it to reproduce with the complementary anatomy, yet its consciousness and hormonal system are attuned to the same anatomy, however, it… More Things I Said Today: Dualism And Homophobia

Pick A Good Religion

I met a man on a mountain in Korea. He had this to say about Religion: We all talk about what happens when we die. I met a wise man at the top of Bukhan Mountain in Korea, once, and this is what he told me about where the followers of different religions go: The… More Pick A Good Religion

How to Be A Nice Person

Albert Einstein said, “common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of eighteen.” That means that what we automatically think of as sensible is only ‘automatically sensible’ to us because it derives not from experience, logical thought, or emotion but from prejudgments placed in our minds based on how we were raised. Keep that in… More How to Be A Nice Person


I think the crisis in Iraq is terribly unfortunate and heartbreaking. I felt this way as soon as we attacked in 1991. The Crisis did not begin there, though. There was a war with Iran. We aided both sides. But after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait over the fact that Kuwait used to be part of… More ISIS And US

New Love

When you awake Most every day Saddened by what’s gone Feeling trapped in yesterday Leaving you Forlorn When you arrive in mirthful climes Feeling heart-felt pain In beautiful places Feeling it’s another stop On a train When you look happy outside But’re rueful, deep within And Lost because That special time Won’t begin again With life… More New Love