Introduction/Picture Purchasing

white_mando-logoWelcome. Thanks for coming. I hope you’re happy and peaceful. If not, I can help with that. I can also help you with art, photography, writing, poetry, and English as a Second Language–or with voice acting and humor.

カ-ル の 絵, or “Kaaru no Ae” means “Carl’s Pictures”, but please–call me Mando. Speakers of Japanese can call me ‘Manji Michi’ or ‘Ka-aru’, which is “Carl’, in their language.

I make photo-art. I used to draw, but now, I do not. In my pictures the intention is to accentuate what I see–to make the image more or less surreal, dreamy, or enchanting. I feel that unless your intention is to replicate what is in front of you, there is no reason to take a normal photograph. That’s fine to depict the beauty of nature or other species, family and friends at parties or special events–but when photographing ubiquitous objects, why not make them as interesting as possible–and, imaginative and more inspiring?

I am attempting to achieve a painterly or drawing-like quality, to open the imagination and enlist “the heart” — more than “the mind”. A benefit to this and the surrealist approach, beside aesthetic appeal, can be a meditative quality that might arrest the viewer’s attention, thereby causing thought or contemplation–or simply a state of rest.

My pictures can be printed on photographic or water-color paper, matted, framed, and sent to you for your walls or for a friend’s.

Contact me at 1 + (516) 655 – 2478 or via to discuss pricing, please. Understand in advance that I will be picking the framing materials because they must complement the image as they are part of the art. If you are on a tight budget, I can do it cheaply, but it will be sealed so as not to incur damage, and of course to look attractive. Be prepared to pay between a hundred to several hundred dollars depending on the image size, the quality of the image, the paper, the wood, and the labor.

Thank you for looking, and for reading.

Peace, love, joy, and imagination,

Mando (Carl Atteniese)

Thanks for coming. What do you think?

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