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Voice Actor Carl

Hello! Thank you for coming. I have narrated ten documentaries for Arirang TV (the Korean National Broadcasting Federation)…

Pirate Carl, by Human Corporation Video DirectorVoice-acted for TBN-Korea,

CJ/E&M Entertainment,

Android, Samsung,  Human Education and others. A published author and teacher of music has told me l have perfect pitch. Maybe that’s why I can mimic!

Don’t just listen to the professional samples in the videos, here; I can send you a Wav or MP3 file, with various styles of narration and commercial voices. Here are two commercial demo samples from Korea:


Educational Actor
Natural Voice
Samples (unedited, but with professional quality):


Love Counseling  

Carl Atteniese Jr: Image 4

Inspirational Speech

Tree of Love 



Stand Up

And there is more at Sound Cloud. But be sure to write to me at for an MP3 or Wav file of one or two minutes.


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