When Every Day

When you awake

Most every day

Saddened by who’s gone


Feeling trapped in yesterday

Leaving you



When you arrive In mirthful climes

Feeling heartful pain

In beautiful places

feeling it’s

Another stop

On a train


When you look happy

On the out

But rueful deep



And Lost because

That special time

Won’t begin again


With life

Eternally simple, now

You’re not want to care


And every step

Toward novelty

Fades from then

To There


Can you find

The newness

Something that’s

For you


Acting as a portal

To happiness

That’s true


If you see such chances

As something all but real

Anchored in those

Blissful times

That tragedy did steal


This will be the hell

From which

You’ll ne-ver escape

Where health and life

Will rob your self

As in the act of rape


You’re not want to do it

Letting go of dreams


Did it happen?

Is gone now just as seems?





Bury that love

Stoke it fresh

And warm


While stepping into

New Light

Like hearing a new song


Revel in then!

And live the now!

Lest you lose your mind!


In heart live on the memories

Not leaving today Behind



Carl Charles Carroll Atteniese


I don’t see the moral connection

Between a tragic, misdeed in death

And mayhem in the streets


While one was a result

Of poor conditioning and fear

The other is of premeditation

And culpability quite clear


It is the corrupted mind

That answers mistakes

And responds to misdeeds

With conscious violence

Minus fear

So please tell me

What your message is


Because it is far from clear


Carl Charles Carroll Atteniese

Who Escapes


What is wrong 

if anything

with family 

and friends

and the self

and onlookers

that this happens

to us

or to one


What is right with one

that makes him see

all the more that is wrong 

with us

so greatly

he can no longer be

Or is it plain to you

and is it okay

to me


the only problem was 

with the Robin

but we did not care

or could not see

We often ask this question

about God

and His defenders 

say it just has to be

Does that make God

like you and me

When a bird takes flight

we give her credit

but what made her fly

If a man is not frightened

but he’d rather die

who or what

was behind the wind

and who can remain

standing in it

And who has fancy names

for the gale

and why

Please trust me

We can turn 

A gust into a breeze

if we whisper

Don’t be blown away

And fly to perches

Whence ye can return

Or talk to me

Carl Charles Carroll Atteniese


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